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4 April (Swing Party)

7, 8 April (Workshops)

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Who We Are

Ana Ow first began swing dancing in 1998 and has not looked back upon her love for it, participating regularly in dance events all over the world. A creative spirit, lover of vintage fashion and full-time writer, she has taught and performed with Sing Lim’s Swing Express under Jitterbugs Singapore from 1999 to 2013, mostly for corporate events, showcases and performances. Nowadays, Ana prefers to soak in the social atmosphere of swing scenes regionally and be more involved in creating unique vintage events and experiences related to Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz.

Pauline Leong has been doing the Lindy Hop for 6 years now. Her passion for swing dancing extends to vernacular jazz dance and Tap, which she has just picked up a year ago. As a student, Pauline joined the school band and learnt how to play the trumpet when she was in primary school. Fond memories of band experiences extend all the way to university days where she joined the NUS Jazz Band and was exposed to jazz music. Since then, Pauline has traded her trumpet for dance shoes, immersing in jazz music the best way she knows how to now – through dance.

Why Solo, why Mojo?

As a swing dancer (or anyone passionate about Vernacular Jazz), being more skilled in the way you dance on your own will elevate the way you dance with a partner.

In other words, solo skills add mojo to your Lindy Hop!

At Solo Mojo, you’ll be exposed to many different styles of authentic jazz in the solo form, from Charleston and Big Apple jazz steps to Solo Blues and much much more! Gain an in-depth understanding of these genres, learn new moves and work on beautifying your lines and strengthening technique and musicality.

This year, Solo Mojo workshops are held under the banner of the music festival Sing Jazz’s Jazz Academy. In addition to a full-on weekend of solo jazz workshops, your ticket also includes entry to all of the Sing Jazz ticketed shows (both Main Stage and The Late Show!).

The Event

Solo Mojo is a no-frills bootcamp focusing on vernacular Solo Jazz dance for Swing dancers!

Classes start early in the morning – and on time! We want to encourage everyone participating to take as many classes as possible. Please know your own ability when deciding which class level to take.

The price of your ticket covers all classes as well as all shows at Sing Jazz – so worth it!!!

Sing Jazz – 5th Anniversary!

This year, we’re so honoured to partner with Sing Jazz a.k.a Singapore International Jazz Festival, in their fifth year running!

Your Solo Mojo pass includes access to all Sing Jazz shows and they have a stellar line-up this year including Incognito, Brand New Heavies, Jamie Cullum, Lalah Hathaway, Parov Stellar and Lauryn Hill just to name a few.

For more info, visit Sing Jazz


We’re very blessed to have two world-class teachers at Solo Mojo! in 2018

Ryan Francois

An original Lindy Hop revivalists from the 1980’s. Mentored and trained by legendary Savoy Lindy Hoppers, most notably Pepsi Bethel and Mama Lu Parks. Also considered by one of the greatest Lindy Hoppers of his generation, Frankie Manning to be his third son – An honour he works constantly to live up to.

Ryan Francois remains an influential figure in the modern Lindy Hop world. He has been teaching, competing, performing and choreographing for over 35 years creating 3 successful dance companies. He is also a former US Open and American Swing Dance Champion. He’s taught, everywhere and directly or indirectly almost everybody. As a performing artist and choreographer his credits include the Hollywood movies “Swing Kids”, “Malcolm X” and “Idlewild” the hit Broadway show “Swing!” and the widely popular TV shows Strictly Come Dancing, So You Think You Can Dance and Britain’s Got Talent. As well as many music videos, most recently the iconic “2 Cousins” With Remy Kouame.

A jazz pioneer with a near Yoda like knowledge of the Vernacular dances. Ryan has a passion for sharing this knowledge of the Swing Era to dancers and non dancers alike, all over the world. Looking back on a stunning career Ryan can proudly say, that he is considered to be one of the best vernacular jazz, dancers, teachers and choreographers of the modern Jazz era.

Sing Lim

Sing has been involved in the swing dance community for over 30 years. She learnt lindy hop in London, under the tutelage of Ryan Francois and Frankie Manning and developed a deep respect for the roots and heritage of the dance. Since then she has won several top competitions including the US Open Championships in California and the American Lindy Hop Championships in New York.

In 1996, Sing started the Asian lindy scene in Singapore, teaching and creating events to bring bands and teachers to share their join Asia.

Apart from teaching regularly at Timbre Music Academy, Sing is also invited to teach, perform and judge at numerous festivals and events around the world, including Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden, Swingtime Ball Beijing and New Orleans’ Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown. Her experience of teaching and choreography is highly sought after by a wide range of performers from Singapore’s School of the Arts to the Singapore Night Festival.

Sing is invested in sharing the joyful dance of lindy hop with as many people as possible!

Class levels

Open – A mixed level class offering exciting new techniques for relative beginners as well as some challenging variations for more advanced dancers! Definitely something for everyone…

Intermediate – Classes in this stream will focus more on honing techniques in order to level up on your danceability!

Class Descriptions

Ryan’s Classes

What is Vernacular Jazz? Why is it important to learn and understand?
How does it develop your overall dance experience and help you in being a better Lindy Hopper? The answer to these questions and more will be revealed in this class.

Take an authentic movement and learn to make it look good and make it feel right! Be exposed to the different ways you can style a move with good technique and discover for yourself what suits you best.

3. THE RYAN/TRUNKY DOO (Intermediate)
This ain’t the Dipsy Doodle but more a tribute to the Frankie and Pepsi steps that were never shown in the Spirit Moves but taught to Ryan directly. You can only learn it with Ryan!

4. The new Shim Sham (Intermediate)
This Shim Sham tributes Frankie and Chazz’s performance Shim Sham. Ryan has added his own personal touches to make a complete Shim Sham worthy of todays dancers.

5. BIG APPLE REVISITED (Intermediate)
After seeing so many interpretations of the Big Apple from Keep Punching, it is time to learn the content of this version whilst putting new life in an old routine.

Sing’s Classes

1. Taking it Slow (Intermediate)
Slowing down movement for the soulful blues music. Expression and self discovery puts a whole new dimension to your dancing.

2. Chorus Line choreography (OPEN)
The Chorus line was a large group of dancers performing in synchronised movements and creating patterns and formations. The chorus lines of the 30s and 40s became a staple of all shows and even movies like Ziegfield Follies. In this class, we will experience what its like having to dance and move and stay in pattern… while smiling!

3. 1920s Charleston (OPEN)
The 1920s Charleston was one of the earliest dance crazes that swept the world.  Some of it still exists in urban dance forms of Hip hop. We will be learning some of the classic steps and movements and learning how the roots of this dance influenced styles that we still see today.

4. Isolating Isolations (OPEN)
Many of the jazz steps isolate the body and the limbs to create shapes and movement that help define this style.  Come and find out how you can discover and use different muscles to change your dance!

5.  Frankie Manning Jazz Choreo I(NTERMEDIATE)
Frankie not only is credited for creating the first airsteps ever, he also choreographed many jazz routines including an Emmy Award winning dance in “Black And Blue”. Here we learn something handed down from the master himself!!

6. Jazz Jams and Battles (OPEN)
Much of the fun of jazz is the creativity and exploration that comes when we have a jazz conversation with other people. In a jam or battle, we open ourselves to listen and to learn as well as to have the confidence to express ourselves. Here are some tools and starting points to work with, to find what makes you shout out when you dance!


9 – 10am Ryan (talk)
Introduction to Vernacular Jazz
Taking It Slow
10 – 11.30am Sing
Frankie Manning Jazz Choreo
The Ryan/Tranky Doo
1130am – 1pm Ryan
The “New” Shim Sham
Chorus Line Choreography
1pm – 2pm Lunch Break
2 – 3.30pm Ryan
Style and Interpretation
1920s Charleston
3.30 – 5pm Sing
Isolating Isolations
The Big Apple Revisited
5-6pm Ryan (talk)
African-American History of Jazz
Jazz Jams and Battles


Begonia 3104 on Level 3
Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue, 018956

For Sing Jazz shows’ venues, please visit here.



(with SING JAZZ access)

SGD 300

One Day Pass

(no SING JAZZ access)

SGD 150

Single Class

(no SING JAZZ access)

SGD 80

Disclaimer: Booking fees apply