3 to 5 March 2017


Who We Are

Solo Mojo is a labour of love founded by Ana Ow and Brian Ang.

According to many, Brian Ang is arguably Singapore’s all-around best male Lindy Hopper, tap dancer and solo jazz artist! He’s been dancing and teaching the Lindy Hop for more than 10 years in Singapore. At first, he was hopeless at dancing and joined his first Lindy Hop class to accompany a friend. The friend stopped dancing – Brian didn’t. Today, Brian has slowly but surely amassed a repertoire in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Authentic Jazz, Tap and airsteps. Practice makes perfect!

Ana Ow first began swing dancing in 1998 and has not looked back upon her love for it, participating regularly in dance events all over the world. A creative spirit, lover of vintage fashion and full-time writer, she has taught and performed with Sing Lim’s Swing Express under Jitterbugs Singapore from 1999 to 2013, mostly for corporate events, showcases and performances. Nowadays, Ana prefers to soak in the social atmosphere of swing scenes regionally and be more involved in creating unique vintage events and experiences related to Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz.

Why Solo, why Mojo?

As a swing dancer (or anyone passionate about Vernacular Jazz), being more skilled in the way you dance on your own will elevate the way you dance with a partner.

In other words, solo skills add mojo to your Lindy Hop!

At Solo Mojo, you’ll be exposed to many different styles of authentic jazz in the solo form, from Charleston and Big Apple jazz steps to Solo Blues and much much more! Gain an in-depth understanding of these genres, learn new moves and work on beautifying your lines and strengthening technique and musicality.

And if you want to level up with the goal of performing and/or competing, this is the perfect training ground.

The Event

Solo Mojo is a no-frills bootcamp focusing on vernacular Solo Jazz dance for Swing dancers!
Classes start early in the morning – and on time! We want to encourage everyone participating to take as many classes as possible. Please know your own ability when deciding which class level to take. Spaces in each venue have a limit and will fill up on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once the limit is reached, we will close doors and latecomers will have to proceed to the other venue/class.
The price of your ticket covers all classes as well as the evening activities: The Concert, The Showcase and after-hours.


Come and see our awesome teachers and the best of Asia’s Lindy scene strut their stuff on stage! Highlights include a vintage fashion show curated by Dapper & Dames as well as the Solo Mojo Solo Jazz competition.


Pay attention in class for your chance to shine in the spotlight with the teachers in the finale event of the Solo Mojo weekend! Sunday night will be chill and casual, featuring a showcase event of selected choreography learnt during the various classes over the weekend.


Solo Mojo STRICTLY SOLO jazz dance comps wants you!

Are you ready to shine in the spotlight?

The ones who do – and shine brightest – will win cash prizes and bragging rights of being the best among the best!

There are THREE competition categories:
Group (at least 3 members)

Entry fee:
Solo/Duo: $20
Group (at least 3 members): $50

Payment will be made in cash during camp registration.

Solo Mojo Contest Rules:
This is a showcase division, for competitors to perform a choreographed 1.5 to 3 minutes Solo Jazz routine. This is not a cabaret division. Acts must perform jazz in accordance with the definition of solo jazz as being part of the Swing dance/Lindy hop vernacular and may include but are not limited to authentic jazz steps, charleston, tap and elements of vaudeville or classic entertainment of the 20s, 30s and 40s (such as soundies, movies, shorts). Outside influences are welcome but they should not take away from the style and essence of solo jazz as it is defined within this vernacular.

Duration of contest items:
For an individual, the minimum duration is 1.5min.
For Duos and Trios, the minimum duration is 2min.
For all entrants, the maximum duration is 3.5min.


What happens if there are not enough competitors in any one of the 3 categories?
If there are not enough participants in the 3 categories, the competition will be condensed into 1 or 2 categories.

Must the choreography be original?
Showcase generally implies that the routine is original choreography although one may of course borrow elements of choreography from other sources. For example, you may choose to perform the shim sham, but the judges will not be expecting just the regular shim sham. It should have your original and creative input.

What are the judges looking out for?
In broad strokes, the judges will be looking out showmanship, technique/execution, and creativity.

Can I improvise my performance?
Yes you may. However, remember that ours is a showcase type of competition, and not a jam style competition. The judges will not be awarding marks on how well you can improvise.

Are there limitations on the music?
There are none, but we remind competitors that the goal is to stay true to solo jazz as defined in the swing dance/lindy hop vernacular, and as such, your music would be instrumental to that effect.








Plus, cool Solo Mojo swag for all winners!

Register for competitions HERE


We’re very blessed to have four talented teachers join us for Solo Mojo! in 2017

Nathan Bugh

Nathan Bugh presents a unique, rhythmic style of jazz dance in performance and in workshops worldwide. He “rocked the stage” at Carnegie Hall, dancing Lindy Hop with the New York Pops Orchestra. And he has performed in Harlem’s famous Apollo Theater in Swingin’ Frankie’s Way. Nathan brought the 20’s to life in the Great Gatsby episode of David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding; appeared on FoxNC’s Fox and Friends Christmas with George Gee; and he danced Lindy Hop at the legendary dance mecca, Jacob’s Pillow, as part of the Vanaver Caravan’s Earth Beat. He is a principle dancer in the upcoming feature film, Rebel In The Rye. He has also danced in several music videos, including the Weepies, Be My Honey Pie. As a national competitor, Nathan has taken 1st place in Lindy, Slow Dancing, Solo Charleston, Team, Jill&Jack, and Cabaret divisions. He is one of the most eminent solo-jazz contestants in the world, having won both the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown (2012) and International Lindy Hop Championships (2014). He is also the director and choreographer of “Yeah Man,” the 2015 ILHC Team champions. Nathan is based in New York City, where he performs regularly and teaches social-dance classes.

Gabriella Cook

Gaby is award winning swing and solo jazz dancer who is praised for her dynamic style. She performs weekly at the famed “Cotton Club” in Harlem with the “Sophisticated Ladies” led by Dormeshia Sumbry Edwards. In her 10 years+ of professional experience, she has appeared on stages around the world, and has garnered various film and television credits. With a solid foundation of studio dance training, she has developed a unique style in lindy hop. She blends the raw, athletic power of lindy hop, with the grace and refinement of the movie musical-era. She brings great care to lines, shapes and balance in her personal performance, as well as her choreographic work. In New York, she is a cast member In the classroom, she shares her knowledge of the dance with a cheerful disposition, and clear straight-forward instruction. She is passionate about lindy hop traditions and works to share the joy of swing with new audiences.

Sing Lim

Sing started lindy hop after watching Ryan Francois swing it out in London in 1988! Together with Ryan and Julie Oram, she ran Jitterbugs London from 1991-94 after which she returned home to Singapore. Since then she has been teaching, dancing and enjoying life in the tropics with her wonderful family.

While competitions are a fun part of Sing’s lindy life (winning at least top 3 in US Open, American Swing Dance Championships, Korean Lindy Hop Championships, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown and more), sharing and teaching (Herrang, Catalina, Frankie 100 and more across the globe) also play a large part. 

Sing lists her specialities as performance skills, ole skool lindy and having fun. She is currently working on all the other stuff!

LaTasha Barnes

LaTasha “Tasha” Barnes is an internationally acclaimed dancer, educator and ambassador of culture. Celebrated for her musicality, athleticism, and joyful presence throughout all her dance forms including House, Hip Hop, Waacking, Vernacular Jazz, Lindy Hop & more. She spent her childhood immersed in Funk, Soul, and R&B music and movement, which accounts for her great musical aptitude and expressiveness. With her father DJing and her family performing at parties and community events, Tasha quickly developed a vast movement vocabulary learning everything from the Two-step to Hip Hop. Though her family was the catalyst of her passion for dance it was with Urban Artistry, a DC-area nonprofit organization devoted to the performance and cultural preservation of urban dance art forms, and the guidance of her mentor, UA’s executive director Junious “House” Brickhouse, that Tasha was able to flourish as an artist, performer, competitor and educator. As noted when she earned the distinction, of being the first U.S. team and the first female team to win the Juste Debout World Championships for House Dance in 2011, and the Juste Debout U.S. Championship titles in 2011 & 2013 with her partner Toyin Sogunro. Tasha expanded her artistic endeavors into Jazz and Lindy Hop in 2012 and has been honored to serve as an Ambassador Scholar of the Frankie Manning Foundation from 2014 to present. Since joining the Lindy & Jazz community Tasha has graced the stage of many events including “Hopping on the Hudson: Honoring Norma Miller” at the Rockefeller Estate where she performed alongside the legendary Sugar Sullivan, Barbara Billups, Chester Whitmore and Grammy-nominated jazz and blues recording artist Barbara Morrison. She has also claimed 1st place national and international titles in Lindy-Hop (Lindyfest, 2016) and Solo Jazz ( BABBLE NYC/ Herrang Dance Camp, 2016). Forever a student, Tasha continues to develop her knowledge and performance skills across her many disciplines. As an educator and performer, she strives to inspire fellow artists to cultivate an authentic sense of self in their creative expressions and daily lives.

Class levels

Open – A mixed level class offering exciting new techniques for relative beginners as well as some challenging variations for more advanced dancers! Definitely something for everyone…

Intermediate – Classes in this stream will focus more on honing techniques in order to level up on your danceability!

Class Descriptions


Jazz steps
In this artful introduction to the language of vernacular, Nathan will answer your questions and teach you about the character of several famous steps. This class is well suited to dancers of all levels of experience, from beginners to experienced jazz dancers.

PERFORMANCE CLASS – Phrasing and Improv
Learn how to structure your jazz dancing. Through the use of break steps, with Nathan’s guidance, we will build a unique choreography for performance.

Charleston variations
The Charleston is more than just a step. It’s a whole world of dancing, and we’ll explore it through variations and traveling techniques.

SPECIAL CLASS – Important Structures in Jazz Music
This is a music listening class, with perhaps a little dancing. We’ll study the two most common jazz forms, the “12-bar blues” and “rhythm changes,” with live-piano and recorded examples. Understanding jazz music can help you in your social dancing, improvisation, and choreography.


PERFORMANCE CLASS – Chorus Girls & Flappers
Calling all chorus girls, flappers, dames, dolls and divas. In this class we’ll learn a jazz dance routine that reflects the style of the Harlem Chorus Girls.

In this class, we’ll learn a routine that combines historical jazz dancing from harlem, with styles of dancing from the modern musical era. We’ll draw influences from choreographers such as Jerome Robbins (Gypsy), Bob Fosse (Chicago) and Susan Stroman (The Producers).

Turns, Sweeps and Spins
Let’s improve turns and spins. Students will do exercises that improve balance and turning. Then learn how to integrate interesting shapes and rhythm into your turns for partnered and solo material.

Gaby & Nathan

Solo Jazz for Social Dance
In this class, we’ll introduce simple ways to bring jazz steps into your partner dancing. Drawing upon our understanding of flow and connection, we’ll show students how to create opportunities for personal style while leading and following.

PERFORMANCE CLASS – Jazz Duet Performance Class (Open/Advanced)
In this class taught by both Gaby & Nathan, we’ll learn a routine that includes two parts. Get ready to learn a stylish routine that features call-and-response, rhythm and lots of character.


The Jam Circle: Creating & sharing in the jam!
Just because no one asked you to dance doesn’t mean you have to sit out! In this class we’ll explore inviting ways to start a Jam Circle, big or small and how to share the space so everyone gets a chance!

PERFORMANCE CLASS – The Queen Swings Basie Pt 1 & 2 – Norma Miller Dancers routine (solo portion)
So you want to step your Solo Jazz performance game up? Challenge your skills learning and performing this new-to-us Norma Miller Dancers Jazz routine – fun fact…it’s NOT Trickeration!! Norma created this routine for her dancers in 1940 and did not share it again until Herräng Dance Camp 2016 in a secret workshop given by herself and Chester Whitmore. The entire routine is an energetic Solo Jazz routine that swings right into Lindy Hop and closes out with solo jazz again. We will focus on the beginning Solo Jazz portion in both classes.

Improvisation – expressing yourself to the music in the moment!
Does the prospect of dancing without a set choreography scare you? Do you wish you could share what you feel in the music right when you feel it? Then come out and explore some fun tools, drills & techniques to help you unlock your natural movement, create in the moment and feel more comfortable in the “spotlight”.


Beginners Jazz Revisited
Let’s clean up the basics! Taking a few steps back to clarify some of the basic jazz steps will help you find the essence of each step so you can it confidently and add your own flair!

Moving to Slow jazz should is sometimes more difficult then the fast paced happy stuff! This short routine which will be the Showcase piece for Sunday will challenge you to slow down, feeeeeeeel the music and get in control of your every move.

PERFORMANCE CLASS – Owning the Shim Sham
This classic routine is a great way to practice all your skills as a dancer and a performer. By working with a dance that you know already, you can focus on *how* you do it!

SPECIAL CLASS – How to Choreo your own routine
A template to use for breaking down a piece of music and planning your award winning performance!

Sing & Latasha

Any Which Way: Variations for classic Jazz steps
Direction, Levels, Tempo…let’s explore how we can employ these fundamentals to elevate our jazz expression! What would a Shorty George look like even shorter, or moving slower? What shape would Trenches create if we added direction changes? Let’s play and find out!


Day 1

Open Level
Venue: Timbre @ Arts House
Intermediate Level
Venue: The Substation
0900- 0945 Warm-up
1000- 1120 Solo Jazz for Social Dance The Jam Circle
1130- 1250 Jazz Steps – work on meaning and quality of movement Beginners Jazz revisited, understanding the essence of each step
1300- 1400 Lunch
1410- 1530 The Queen Swings Basie Pt 1 Broadway Jazz
1540- 1700 Showcase : Slow Jazz Phrasing and Improvisation
1700- 1745 How to Choreograph your own Routine

Day 2

Open Level
Venue: Timbre @ Arts House
Intermediate Level
Venue: Dance Studio @ Victoria Theatre
0900- 0945 Warm-up
1000- 1120 Any Which Way:
Variations for classic Jazz steps/ House to Swing
Charleston Variations
1130- 1250 The Queen Swings Basie Pt 2. – Norma Miller Dancers routine Chorus Girls & Flappers
1300- 1400 Lunch
1410- 1530 Turns, Sweeps and Spins Owning the Shim Sham
1540- 1700 Jazz Duet Performance Class Improvisation – expressing yourself to the music in the moment.
1700- 1745 Important Structures in Jazz Music –
a lecture/demo on the 12-bar blues and AABA forms
Gaby Cook Nathan Bugh LaTasha Barnes Sing Lim
Gaby & Nathan LaTasha and Sing

Evening Programme

Time Friday
7pm Registration
7.30pm Doors Open!
8pm Open Hip Hop class by LaTasha Barnes!
9pm Mix, Mingle & chat with your teachers!
Time Saturday
5pm Concert Tech-run
7.30pm Doors Open!
8pm Concert begins
10-12pm After-hours at Monti – live jazz, free drinks & canapés!
Time Sunday
7pm Doors Open!
7.30pm Panel discussion with Teachers
“The Lowdown – All you need to know about Competitions!”
8pm Showcase and specials
9.30pm Post-event Mix & Mingle
Timbre @The Arts House
Barbershop (below Timbre)
The Substation


Timbre @The Arts House

Timbre @The Arts House
1 Old Parliament Lane, #01-04 The Arts House, The Arts House, 179429

The Substation

The Substation
45 Armenian St, Singapore 179936

Dance Studio at Victoria Theatre

Dance Studio at Victoria Theatre
9 Empress Place, 179556



Early Early Bird

SGD 188

Pretty Early Bird

SGD 233


SGD 288